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List Of Einstein’s Logical Fallacies

There are at least 5 logical fallacies of Einstein's special and general theory of relativity

1.Einstein’s Thought Experiment: Fallacy Of Composition.

2.The Equivalence Principle: A false equivalence

3.Spacetime: A fallacy of ambiguity or reification.

4.Einstein's Field Equation: Logical fallacy : argumentum ad lapidem

5.Einstein's proving method: The fallacy of ignoratio elenchi, or irrelevant conclusion.

Einstein had no idea of the units and disciplines of measurement as the goal of using mathematics in physics. EFE just a formal mathematical construct with no real physical meaning.

In the book The Universe and Dr.Einstein, by Lincoln Barnett, on page 78, we can read Einstein proposed test for his theory as evidence that Einstein had no idea on the basic of astronomy. Einstein proposed test of general relativity is not scientifically correct and deeply wrong.

Correct illustration should be : the rays are bent down, with the result that image or apparent of star looks higher than it actual of star.

Moreover, as he had written a foreword, he had not realized there is incorrect illustration on page 79, and it shows he does not understand about the effects of deviation of starlight in the real world, for example, when we see the stars in the sky at night. Einstein has no competence in the field of astronomy.




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